August 05, 2016. – Amazon’s Terms of Service update.

Amazon’s Terms of Service update.

Many of our users noticed small update to Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Amazon states: “To post a review, customers must spend at least $5.00 using a valid credit or debit card. Prime subscriptions and promotional discounts don’t qualify towards the $5.00 minimum.”

Nothing to be worried about.

They are just stating what a shopper must do to be eligible to write reviews on Amazon. Even before this update, a shopper had to have an Amazon account with a valid credit or debit card, and they must have made a purchase on Amazon that was not free. With the update, a shopper now must have an account with a valid credit or debit card,  and it requires shoppers to spend at least $5.00, not just continually buying free products. (the purchase of the Amazon Prime membership fee is excluded).

Is there a concern for you as a seller? No, as all our reviewers have met this $5 minimum criteria and we only work with experienced quality reviewers that comply with Amazon Terms of Service. We will also continue our efforts to ensure that all of our reviewers abide by Amazon’s Terms of Service.

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