December 12, 2016

Keyword Search Volume added to our Keyword Research tool

We have just upgraded our Keyword research tool with one great feature. Search volume is now displayed next to every suggested keyword and phrase.
How is this going to help you? Well, even before, our Keyword Research tool gave you opportunity to mine deep into 20M US search phrases that Amazon visitors use everyday as they shop.
Now, you can see number of monthly searches performed for keywords on Amazon, while you search for them. You’ll know which searches are the most popular, and which are the least popular. This lets you focus on the best phrases, or do long tail research.
You can even sort list of suggestions by their search volume and export it for later analysis.
To see it in actions check this short video guide:

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October 03, 2016.

New update on Amazon Community Guidelines!


Yesterday, Amazon released an update to their Community Guidelines along with this press release.

Important part is below:

  • Offering compensation or requesting compensation (including free or discounted products) in exchange for creating, modifying, or posting content.

Meaning, Amazon will not allow product reviews that are given in exchange for discounted or free product and prohibits incentivized reviews unless they are facilitated through Amazon Vine program.

What does this mean for members of our Deals Club?

We no longer request or require our Buyers to leave a product review so they should handle these offers as any other product they purchase on Amazon (products without discount).

In their FAQ, Amazons says:

So, purchasing a product using a coupon that was received through our Deals Club is fine, as long as you do not request, require or exchange it for a review.

Sellers can continue to offer discounted products as that helps them to increase their social proof and improve product rank so they can make more sales and money in future. They just need to be careful not to ask for a review when distributing them.

AMZ.One operates based off Amazon’s written TOS and we will make any adjustments necessary to our platform to make sure it is safe for sellers and buyers.

Best regards,
Herrmann Heinz

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August 05, 2016.

Amazon’s Terms of Service update.

Many of our users noticed small update to Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Amazon states: “To post a review, customers must spend at least $5.00 using a valid credit or debit card. Prime subscriptions and promotional discounts don’t qualify towards the $5.00 minimum.”

Nothing to be worried about.

They are just stating what a shopper must do to be eligible to write reviews on Amazon. Even before this update, a shopper had to have an Amazon account with a valid credit or debit card, and they must have made a purchase on Amazon that was not free. With the update, a shopper now must have an account with a valid credit or debit card,  and it requires shoppers to spend at least $5.00, not just continually buying free products. (the purchase of the Amazon Prime membership fee is excluded).

Is there a concern for you as a seller? No, as all our reviewers have met this $5 minimum criteria and we only work with experienced quality reviewers that comply with Amazon Terms of Service. We will also continue our efforts to ensure that all of our reviewers abide by Amazon’s Terms of Service.

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June 18, 2016.

Extended reports added to Email Reports tool

As many of our users requested, we are introducing newest extension to our Email Reports tool. Receive more information about products and keywords and their current status via standardized email reports. Make your data analytic much easier and combine lots of different data from Amazon.
Please check our Guide here on how to enable Extended reports.

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June 9, 2016.

Best Sellers and Arbitrage tool updated

  • added to Best Sellers and Arbitrage tool

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April 18, 2016.

Amazon.CO.UK Online Arbitrage added

AMZ.One is introducing a new addition to our Best Sellers and Arbitrage tool to help you find alternative offers and cheapest prices from hundreds of UK online stores. This will help you in online products scouting among thousands of best ranking products on

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March 24, 2016.

Amazon.CO.UK FBA fee added

Calculation for FBA fee in now included in product info in Best Sellers and Arbitrage tool
Amazon.DE FBA calculation is next to be included.


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February 26, 2016.

Our Review Club is open now!

Yes, we know it took a bit longer than it should, but the only reason is that we wanted it to be as best as possible. We optimized it to be fast, simple and effective.
But, even more important, we used this time to find and register only best ranked Amazon reviewers, and they are ready to start testing your products.
Great news is that Review Club will be added to all our plans (except in “Free Plan”) with no extra charge.
To check out our Review Club, just click on Review Club icon on the left.
Before using it, please check our Guide for Review Club here:

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December 21, 2015.

Best Sellers and Arbitrage tool updated

  • You can now display and export 500 top ranked products at once.
  • Do not need Online Arbitrage? Turn it off and speed things up!
  • Bestsellers rank is now raised up to 30.000 (still populating).


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November 12, 2015.

FBA key dates

One of our users shared his estimates for those that use FBA with the key dates for getting inventory into the Amazon Fulfilment Network.


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