(If you are Buyer, please go to: )

Please watch and read this carefully and you will be running your first campaign in no time:

1. Generate your promo codes

Always use “One time use claim codes”. Read these instructions for promo code generation.

2. Select product to promote

Login to and click on Promotions icon on the left. Than select product you wish to start campaign for by clicking on “play” icon on the right.


3. Enter product details

In pop-up window, in “Product details” enter campaign details.  Please note that fields “short promotional description” and “Super URL” can not be left empty.


4. Set campaign duration and product promo price

In “Promo duration and price” set the start and end date for your campaign.  When setting price, we recommend you to use “Flat” for discount type, so you only need to set Discounted Price field.


5. Add  promo codes

In “Vouchers” enter promo codes you previously generated.  For now, we only accept one time use promo codes, as it is safer option. At least one promo code must be entered.  Add one code per line.


6. Check final design

On last two tabs, you can check how it is going to be presented to Buyer via email and on web site.


7. Select Buyers

You can see list of interested Buyers. Just click on “Email voucher”, when ready.


How to add product variation to Promotions?
– Every child product has its own ASIN. To add child ASIN to Promotions, first add that variation with child ASIN to products (under Keyword Rank Tracking), but un-check “Track all variations”.
Then, that child product will appear in Promotions, and you can start promotion with that variation.