Amazon Keyword Rank Tracking


You can’t manage your products if You do not know where you stand among others. Know in every moment when your listings rank changes and use marketing tactics to improve them in Amazon search rankings and improve your Amazon-referred traffic.
With this tool, you are notified every time you need to take some action, without manually going through all data.

Quick start:

1. Open it clicking on Keyword Rank Tracking in the left menu.
2. Add product (use Url link on Amazon or ASIN code)
KeywordRankTrackingAddProductNote: If you need to separate parent and child products, make sure to unclick button “Track Parent Products and All Variations”.
3. Add Keywords clicking on the + sign on the right of the product:
KeywordRankTrackingAddKeywordsOr use Keyword suggestions clicking a button bellow the product:


What is the Volume number below keywords in Keyword Rank Tracking tool?
-It is the number of monthly searches performed for each keyword on and it is updated approximately every month. Volume data is available for US searches only.
We plan to support other countries, such as the UK, Germany and France soon.


Can I see all the variations of my product?
-Yes you can. Just click on Edit Product button, and select Variations tab.

Can I see a bigger trend for keywords?
-Yes you can, just click on small trend graph
How to Delete multiple keywords?
-Simply select all keywords you need to delete and click Delete Keywords button
How to see best seller rank?
-See GIF