Amazon Email Reports And Notifications


Get reports for selected keywords at predefined time. Also generate professional looking reports for your clients, without any effort.

Quick start:

1. Open Email Reports in the left menu.
2. Click on New Report button above.
3. Fill details about email sending, select keywords from products, check the preview and save report.


Can I define what to stand in “sent from” of the report?
-Yes. You can chose who to be shown as a sender of the report.

How to use information from reports, do I need to copy-paste them…?
-You do not need to copy-paste them. There is a CSV file attached in email, so you can easily import it in Excel or anywhere you need it.

How to receive Extended report also? 

To receive extended report with standard one, just click on “Extended report” and check “Enable Extended reports”. Please note that if you want Extended report to include number of negative reviews, “Negative reviews” tracking must be enabled for all products included in Extended report.

Please check here on how to enable Negative reviews tracking.

“Extended reports” are available for Standard and better plans!