Amazon Best Sellers and Arbitrage


How to find a products that are beyond top 100. Its manual and its cumbersome. This tool will help you bypass amazon limitations and all your competition and have an ability to look beyond the top 100 in every category. Easily find potential products that you cannot find anywhere else. Use many filter to narrow your search results. Get prices from hundreds of stores and let AMZ.One do all products scouting for you. Stop manual work. Find a sweet spot in just a few clicks and let this app be a game changer for you and your business.

Quick start:

1. Open it clicking on Best Seller Rankings in the left menu. BestSellerRankings

2. Choose Amazon site:


and select category:BestSellerRankingsCatagory

3. Click on Filters button: BestSellerRankingsFiltersEnter desired ranges in filters: BestSellerRankingsFiltersAdd


Can I hide unwanted stores. 
If you do not want to show prices from some stores, just click “Hide” button next to the store.
If, later, you want to include again that store, just go to the “Other stores manager” at the top of the screen, and click “Show again” next to the store name.
How many stores do you scan for product prices. 

-Hundreds! And number is getting bigger every day.

Can I save and later load my search results? -Yes you can, just use SaveSearch and Load Search buttons.
Can I export my search result? -Yes,  just click Excel or CSV button to export into desired format.  Also, when exported into Excel, product images are exported too.


Can I sort columns ascending/descending? -Simply click on column name to sort ascending, and click again for descending.

For what period can I see information’s about products Rank, Price, Reviews and Rating.  -Information’s are for last 60 days

Which Amazon domains are supported for Amazon Best Seller Rankings?, and are supported at the moment, but we are working hard to include other domains soon.