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How to change/cancel my subscription?

You can change or cancel your subscription at any time in Account Settings. First 7 days of trial will not be charged. Please note that no full or partial refunds are given after payment is completed.

Is the number of products, that I can track, limited?

No, there are no limitations on number of products you track. Only the number of keywords is limited to your subscription package.

How often is data updated?

Best Seller and Sales rankings are updated once a day. Keyword rankings are updated twice a day.

Can I really search among top 10000 products in each category?

Yes, you can! And you can use many filters to narrow your search.

Any limitations on products/keyword changes?

No, do it as often as you need it, without limitations.

Do you delete product information after some time?

No, we will keep all saved products, until you decide to delete/change them. However Best Seller Rankings are kept for 60 days and Sales ranking for 30 days. Everything else is kept for a year.

What Amazon domains are supported?*

*except Best Seller Rankings Tool where, and are supported for now.

Do you have Affiliate program?

Yes, we have Affiliate program where you can get 100% of first commission for every user you bring to us. Contact us for more details.